“Madison Galloway is a creative, committed singer-songwriter whose live performance at our 2016 winter festival, Hillside Inside, was riveting for its energy.  Madison is able to communicate with her audience in a casual and compelling way that invites everyone to get into and get behind her songs.  We presented her at the Backwoods Festival, as well, because we knew that the audience would really enjoy her work.  And they most certainly did. She is a confident performer who is pretty unflappable, so focused is she on delivering her best work.”

Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director, Hillside Festival - Guelph, ON – January 20, 2017


“Madison Galloway is a brilliant and dynamic multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter. She generously played at my organization’s fundraiser in 2016, and exuded all the confidence, professionalism and charisma of a seasoned luminary. Her clear and lyrical voice, her sure-handed guitar, harmonica and ukulele skills, and her upbeat, disarming personality made for an enthralling and kinetic performance from start to finish!”                                  

Mira Clarke, Executive Director, Action Read Community Literacy Centre - Guelph, ON – January 20, 2017


“Madison has played several times at the Fergus Grand Theatre, twice as part of Ontario Culture Days events in 2015 and 2016, and three times as a client of The Grand Impresarios, a presenter education course offered at the theatre in the fall of 2015. I’m confident that it’s only a matter of time before someone brings her into our space again. Madison’s enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication to her work is uncommon in such a young artist, and it makes her a joy to work with. She combines the right attitude with exceptional skill, and as a result her performances are a step above many other artists her age. I believe that big things are in store for Madison, and I think she has a great future in Canadian Music.”

Eric Goudie, Theatre Coordinator, Fergus Grand Theatre - Fergus, ON – January 23, 2017


“Madison Galloway is a young up and coming singer-songwriter with a flair for fashion and musical passion. I’ve watched this driven and determined teenager blast through any barrier that might get in her way so she can pursue what’s she’s meant to do, as she is destined to being a top musical entertainer.

At a young age she takes the stage with the confidence of a veteran and the youthful energy of her generation. I have yet to see her perform at an open stage where she wasn’t approached by the proprietor for a booking of her own. All eyes and ears are drawn to Madison the moment she strums her first chord and breaths captivatingly across her vocal cords.

She’s well respected everywhere she goes and has the easy going attitude that allows her to collaborate with a variety of supporting musicians eager to share the stage with her, resulting in a unified high energy memorable performance time and time again.

Her repertoire of original songs and cover songs spans the demographics and genres of the masses, bringing something for everyone.

I would strongly encourage any and every booking agent, festival organizer and club owner to consider adding Madison Galloway to their line up while she’s still available. The day will come when Madison Galloway will become one of the most highly sought after performers available. She has my full endorsement.”

Don Sawchuk B.Sc., B.Ed., Don Sawchuk Music - Guelph, ON – January 31, 2017


“I have had the good fortune to hear and see Madison perform several times over the past year and she has always left a great impression on me for several reasons. First of all, this girl has ambition and drive that is rare to see. I am always hearing and seeing her name throughout our local papers and radio station. Secondly, her performance and playing is intense, well thought out and honest. You can tell she loves to play and sing and pours her heart and soul into each note. Last, but not least of all, she has no fear. She continually puts herself out there for everyone to see and take notice of. Her song choices are current, mixed with some classics, as well as proving herself to be a gifted songwriter. She ventures to move forward in her environment by staying at the forefront of the musical community. I believe that as she continues to strive and educate herself, Madison is on a trajectory that will see her name known far and wide.”

Nick Gush, Singer/Songwriter - Fergus, ON – February 24, 2016

“Fearless:  The first word that comes to mind when I hear Madison Galloway’s name.  I have seen Madison perform a number of times in the Fergus Elora area, from talent and open mic events to those as the headliner.  Throughout these, she has shown herself to be fearless.  She has a way with folk, rock and alternative styles of music, from Neil Young to her own compositions. As a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, ukulele, harmonica and keyboard, she is constantly striving to give her best to her listeners.  If something isn’t quite right, she will do what she can to make it the best for all.  Her EP, containing her own compositions, is a great listen and a great release for this amazing young woman.  I can’t wait to hear more from her in the coming years.”

David Tanner, Sound Engineer - Fergus, ON – February 18, 2016