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Q: Do I have to donate online?

A: If you are uncomfortable making online payments, please email us at to arrange a cash or cheque donation


Q: Do I have to have my name listed in the album?

A: Of course not! If you would prefer not to have your name on the album, please send me an email and I will make sure to leave out your name. :) Email:

Q: Can I change the shipping address for my perk or make other changes to my order?

A: Yes, if we have not already begun shipping your gift. Please email to make any changes to your order

Q: When will my order arrive? 
A: Orders will begin to ship in the summer. Arrival time will depend on your location, but in most cases, you will receive your package well before the album is officially released! 

Q: How much of my donation reaches Madison?
A: 100%! There is a tiny transaction fee when paying with a credit card, but that's it! (if you are in Canada e-transfer is also an option, which is truly 100% - no fees)

Q: Why was this project so expensive?
A: There is a lot that goes into creating an album. From recording, to musicians, to getting it out into the world.

Still have a question? Email:

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