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Review by La Hora del Blues on Moon & Mercury

February 2020 – by Vicente Zúmel, Radio PICA, La Hora del Blues - Barcelona, Spain

Madison Galloway is a young emerging voice in Ontario area, Canada. Only aged nineteen, she has got a more than remarkable reputation, not only as a singer but also as a guitar, harmonica and percussion player although she began playing classic piano, as well as writing her own songs where, besides paying homage to some artists of the past, she also adds new elements that give a unique and personal character to her music. This is her first release and includes thirteen compositions, where she combines elements of folk, rock and especially Americana music she deeply loves, all them seasoned with touches of world music and garage. Although Madison Galloway develops her musical activity either as a solo artist, duo format or band, for her debut album she has counted with the collaboration of a roster of good musicians who give a careful and tasteful support to the poetry and musical adventure of this new value called Madison Galloway.


Listen to Moon & Mercury here

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Michael Switalski
Michael Switalski
Feb 24, 2023

Moon and Mercury is a very good CD by Madison Galloway and yes she is a very good singer guitar player and harmonica player

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