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It's official! I'm setting sail across the pond (no, I won't really be sailing 😉), to open for an incredible band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (my home province)... The Commoners!
I'm ecstatic to be a part of this adventure, but as an independent artist, it's a huge undertaking and I could really use your help!
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I would like to thank you for supporting this project, so I have a gift for you. With any donation, you will receive a digital download of my 2024 UK Tour Poster and an invitation to my exclusive, in-person Mad Cat Hangouts, held throughout my UK tour (more details below). Donations over $100 will also receive a printed, signed copy of the UK Tour Poster.
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Hi there, my name’s Madison Galloway. I’m a 24-year-old Canadian roots-rock musician, singer-songwriter from Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

I grew up surrounded by collections of records, CD’s, and cassettes, which is where my love of music was born. At 6 years old, I began piano lessons, followed by guitar at age 12 - and that's when I discovered my true passion. I soon launched into writing my own songs and in 2015, I released my first EP, "Who Knows Where", and my debut LP "Moon & Mercury" in 2019. I’ve played hundreds of shows from local concert halls to prominent festivals, including the iconic Mariposa Folk Festival, Kitchener Blues Festival and Riverfest Elora, while opening for renowned artists such as 54-40, Ron Hawkins (Lowest of the Low), and Jack de Keyzer. I just released my second full-length album, which has already hit significant milestones. One of the tracks on the album, "Open Your Eyes", has surpassed 125K streams on Spotify and another, "Love Like Yours", has been nominated for Southern Rock/Country Rock Song of the Year in the Josie Music Awards (Nashville, TN).


As an independent artist, I have the benefit of creating and choosing the adventures I take my music on, but it also means paying for these projects myself. This adventure is an amazing opportunity for me to share my music with new audiences by opening for the incredibly talented band that I admire. Additionally, it will foster future touring in the UK for me. I'm grateful for this opportunity and am ecstatic to bring my music live to the UK for the first time! But there are huge costs involved in touring, which is why I'm asking for your help. I'm confident that this tour will have a great impact on my career and I hope that you will be proud to say you were a part of helping me achieve this milestone.

Here's a breakdown of what this project will cost:

This project has a total budget of $21,500 CAD / £12,375 GBP, which covers:

  • Artist Fees - $3,820 CAD / £2,199 GBP

  • Flights & Baggage - $4,620 CAD / £2,660 GBP

  • Accommodations & Hospitality - $5,370 CAD / £3,092 GBP

  • Transportation & Fuel - $5,500 CAD / £3,167 GBP

  • Travel Insurance (Trip and Medical) & Visas - $2,190 CAD / £1,261 GBP


I have committed to invest $10,000 CAD / £5,757 GBP in personal funds to this project and will be bringing merch with me to sell on tour (I project sales of $3,000 CAD / £1,729 GBP), but I need your help to bring it on home. My campaign goal is $8,500 CAD / £4,893 GBP, which will help with all remaining expenses.

Income - UK Tour (1).png


I truly appreciate your continued support, it is because of you that I’ve been able to do what I love! As my thanks to you for your support and generosity, I have a couple of fun gifts that you’ll receive as my thanks to you! The first is a digital download of my UK Tour Poster and the other is an invite to my exclusive, in-person Mad Cat Hangouts!


What is a Mad Cat Hangout?

My Mad Cat Hangouts will be held throughout the tour in two ways:

1. Join me for dinner after my shows! (Food not included). I hope you can make it to the show, but a ticket to the show is not mandatory for joining me after the show for the "Hangout"

2. I will be holding 1-2 special acoustic "shows" (location to be determined). These will be sort of like a picnic and will likely be held in a park. We will be able to hangout and sing songs together.


If you are not able to contribute financially, I understand. There are many other ways you can support my career. Please scroll down to the “Other Ways You Can Help” section for some ideas. :)

If you are uncomfortable making online payments, please email us at to make other arrangements for your donation.

Donate by PayPal here or by clicking the button below:



Sharing on social media is one of the most powerful and best ways to support the people, businesses, and causes you love! You can help me greatly when you:

1) SHARE this campaign with your friends, family and colleagues by some good ole’ word of mouth and on social media with this link:

2) FOLLOW Madison Galloway on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube. Like, comment, and share my posts. Invite your friends to like my pages.

3) STREAM my music on your favourite site. Every stream gives me a partial penny, and more importantly, helps "the algorithm”.


I truly appreciate all of your support in helping me finance my FIRST UK tour. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

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