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Album Update: First Week in the Studio

Thank you again for all of the support in my crowdfund campaign! I wanted to give you a little update on where I'm at with the project, so here we go!

We've made great progress on the album and are getting closer to being able to share the songs with you! We were doing pre-production at Stacey's (my co-producer) house through December to March. During our pre-production sessions we worked at creating demos for all of the songs for the album. While making our demos, we pulled the songs apart, making changes to the arrangements and lyrics to make sure they were the best they could be. We also experimented with different instrumentation and sounds.

Once all of our demos were made, we had a pre-production rehearsal with the rest of the band (drums and lead guitar), to work them out even further and so everyone could get a feel of playing together. It also allowed us to try some new ideas that came from playing together, without taking up our studio time.

Now that all of the pre-production has been completed, we are now in the recording stage. We've just finished the first 4 days in the studio and things are sounding pretty cool. I'm really happy with how everything is turning out.

We still have 6-7 days left in the studio before sending the songs off to be mixed. Our first 4 studio days were done at Giant Studio in Toronto with David Matta as our engineer. We have a couple more days at Giant Studios and then we will be doing a day at Lynx Music (Toronto) with David and then 3 days at Mill Town Sound (Milton) with Patrick Mills engineering. On bass we've had Stacey Shopsowitz (co-producer), we've had Ben Healey on guitar, and we've had Jeremy Kleynhans on drums and percussion. It's been such a blast working with them. And of course, a special shoutout to my mama for all of the behind-the-scenes work and keeping things on track.

Once the recording is finished, the songs will need to be mixed and mastered. I'm also beginning to plan out some music videos for some of the first singles to be released. I haven't really started the single and album artwork yet, but I have a couple of ideas floating around my head, along with some new merch ideas!

Thank you for believing in me and my passion, I can't wait for you to hear what we're brewing up!

Peace & Love,

Madison xoxo

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